Of the metals Siri chooses to work with, mostly Sterling Silver and 18K gold, a strong effort is put into sourcing raw materials made of recycled content. Any new metal she buys is 90% recycled using both post-consumer (old jewelry) and post-industrial (scrap from the fabrication process) silver and gold that have been melted down and formed into wire and sheet.

All paper products, packaging, business cards, promotional materials, and labels are printed on a minimum of 75% post-consumer paper.

When you buy Siri Jewelry you know that the product you are buying is sustainably sourced but also that the artist you are supporting leads a very “green” lifestyle. You can think of it as the "business practices" in the micro business setting of the craftsperson. With a focus on purchasing recycled materials whenever possible; cycling for transportation; buying in the local renewable energy program; donating her time to furthering sustainable developments in her community; shopping locally; buying used whenever possible; building green; purchasing chemical free products; etc. Siri Healy makes sure that your purchase helps support the sustainable movement.